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Anchoring, Assembly and Inspection


For safety and stability, the equipment needs to be properly secured. HAGS equipment is supplied for different types of ground installation. Contact your HAGS representative for more information or read more about anchoring and colour options here (PDF).

Transportation requirements and environmental considerations mean that HAGS equipment is delivered in one of three ways: unassembled, with pre-assembled sections or fully assembled. To ensure that the equipment is installed safely and correctly, the assembly work must be carried out in full compliance with the assembly instructions that are included in all products from HAGS. The equipment must be installed by qualified professionals. The failure to install equipment according to assembly instructions can involve safety hazards and may render the warranty null and void. If additional assembly instructions are required, please contact your HAGS representative. In order to prevent accidents, access to the area must be totally restricted until the assembly work has been fully completed.

Once assembly work has been completed and the play equipment is securely and safely in place, it has to be inspected with regard to safety, functional performance and assembly. Any deviations must always be dealt with before the equipment is used.

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